Sunday, November 3, 2013

Commonalities Part One

Fact is the Root

As there is only fact, all else is perception of any fact, where does this idea put us as human kind?  How does this apply to me as an individual living inside a society?  What if any meaning could be derived from this concept?
Starting with the first question; it is the perception of any fact is the basis that forms the relationships about an individual.  Example: How one views and practices a religion my coincide with other established religions allowing them to either become a member of said religious group, if not already.  Where the individual may share threads commonly in the form of a religious relationship.  Note: That the question of whether or not the religion is correct, true or base in anyway on any type of real thought or lore has no bearing in the decisions of the individual.  The individual perceives fact and uses this information to make their own decisions.  This is the basis of relationship between individuals and the universe around them.
Humans seek out common threads first born by environment.  The concept of hunter gathers, groups of non related peoples seeking life by sharing burdens of the others.  This grouping of people allowed for commonalities to show in more physical ways such as clothing and ideas of beauty lead the list.  These commonalities existed and began to divide people into groups long before any walls were ever built.
Groups are made of individuals sharing a common thread of perceived fact.  Regardless of the fact being viewed or how it was viewed in determining the relationship between the individuals in the group.  The point is, is that they share it.  That is the power that began civilization and is also the same power that rips and pulls at it weak points and shatters cities and scatters people to the wind.
Fact in regards to an individual equals that individuals perceived notion of that fact.  They in turn may share that perceived notion with others and thus begin the concept of community based upon the way Fact is viewed and perceived.  They in turn begin to view, i.e. perceive, fact similarly forming a Commonality of perception where to as to allow an individual to know only the Commonality giving them a predetermined lens to which to view Fact.  Groups sharing a strong Commonality may actually come to the same determination about fact without all members of the group being present to observe the Fact.  This power has allowed us to teach and learn upon others, it also spawns the concept “That everyone has a view point”.  
Commonality is strong and persuasive by its nature, Patriotism is a Commonality as well as Racism.  Commonality can impart a Relationship upon the individual without that individual seeking first hand observation of the Fact from which the Commonality is formed from.
In a community many Commonalities weave in and around the individuals, these Commonalities guide the individuals to a shared platform of thought and behavior.